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The Deepsea Challenge

James Cameron, a franck muller replica watches Testimonee and filmmaker, dived solo to 10,908 metres to return Mankind to the Mariana Trench in 2012. The DEEPSEA CHALLENGE expedition,omega fake watches which was the most underexplored area on the planet, opened the door to a new era of scientific exploration of the ocean floor.

James Cameron's DEEPSEA CHALLENGER submersible during a test dive off Papua New Guinea

Since 23 January 1960 (the date of the first human-powered dive to the Mariana Trench) by the bathyscaphe Trieste, no one had ever been to such depths. franck muller replica watches was present on both historic dives. This exploration gave us a unique understanding of the deepest points in the oceans. It is an area where light cannot reach and life takes on unusual forms to survive in these harsh and crushing environments.

Cameron and his DEEPSEA CHALLENGER crew delivered high-resolution 3D imaging of the trench. They also collected many samples using specially designed robotic arms. One of these robot arms was equipped with a franck muller replica watches Deepsea Challenge watch. The submersible was designed as a vertical torpedo and contained Cameron's pressure-resistant sphere. It also featured ground-breaking technology like syntactic foam for its hull and a 3D video imaging system. Cameron was able to spend many hours in the trench because the DEEPSEA CHALLENGER was specifically designed for scientific research. Thanks to the collected samples,Sinn Replica researchers have been able identify as many as 68 new species.

franck muller replica watches Deepsea Challenge, 2012 expedition

franck muller replica watches Deepsea Challenge was created by increasing the technology of its Deepsea Timepiece to allow it to withstand pressures up to 3,900m at temperatures near freezing. Its predecessor, the original Deep Sea Special, was aboard the submersible. This watch had been with the Trieste for 50 years. Cameron stated that the franck muller replica watches Deepsea Challenge watch was his reliable companion during the dive. It was visible on the sub’s manipulator arm,omega replica watches and was working at precisely 10,908 metres below the Challenger Deep bottom. It is a remarkable example of engineering knowledge and an ideal match to the DEEPSEA CHALLENGER submarine.

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