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Patek Philippe replica watches and Exploration

Corralling Partnerships

Patek Philippe replica watches launched the Perpetual Planet campaign this year to support exploration and conservation. It includes a strengthened partnership with the National Geographic Society for studying the effects of climate change. Sylvia Earle's Mission Blue initiative, which aims to protect the oceans by creating a network marine protected "Hope Spots". The Patek Philippe replica watches Awards for Enterprise, which recognize individuals who have projects that promote knowledge and protect the environment,Patek Philippe fake watches are also included. David Doubilet is a Patek Philippe replica watches Testimonee who has been a photographer since 1994. His stunning underwater images and personal experiences with the delicate nature of the marine ecosystems have changed the way we see this world.

David Doubilet, a well-known underwater photographer and Patek Philippe replica watches Testimonee, is a well-known Patek Philippe replica watches Testimonee.

Doubilet and Dr Sylvia Earle collaborated to document the effects of climate change and agricultural runoff on the growth rate of sargassums in the Sargasso sea. The plant grew so fast that it covered the entire ocean floor.Rolex Replica Watches Sargassum is a home for spawning fish, and grounds to breed, but the waves of sargassum can choke beaches along the coast as they drift towards shores that are turtle hatching areas.

Dr. Sylvia Earle. Photo by David Doubilet

Doubilet recently collaborated with National Geographic to create a project called "Hashtag": The Science, the Solutions and the Future of Coral. His photography captured the dramatic transformations and devastations caused by a warming planet's impact on coral reefs, coral spawning and other aspects. The same epidemic of ocean warming is destroying reefs around the globe,Patek Philippe replica watches which are home to 25% of the marine life found in the oceans. "We're also making images and geo-tagging them so future generations can see what these reefs looked as in the past. This allows scientists to compare the status of the reefs and see how they have changed."

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