Entrenamiento Deportivo

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The bathyscape Trieste

Jacques Piccard

The Trieste reached the Challenger Deep after nearly five hours of descend. It is a depth of 10,916m below sea level. The franck muller replica watches Deep Sea Special was in a remarkable working condition. However, the Trieste sustained a crack to one Plexiglas window but was otherwise unaffected. It was both a huge achievement for the crew as well as the watch.franck muller fake watches franck muller replica watches would also be able to use this expertise to create the Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller, which was a watch that could withstand water pressure up to 4,000 feet.

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Below the Pole

The number of scientific expeditions to study the risks of warming Poles has increased over the years due to increasing awareness about the impacts of climate change and the effects ozone depletion on the polar regions. Because the world's environment relies on jetstreams and preservation of Arctic and Antarctic Ice, it is important to examine the effects of decreased snowfall on this region.

franck muller replica watches has made a significant contribution to the science of understanding the impacts of these events on the globe. It sponsored the first expedition Deep Sea Under the Pole in 2010, which was led by Ghislain Bardout, a French explorer. The trip involved eight members who spent three years organizing and planning the trip. Their goal was to develop a photographic and video report on the underwater world beneath the ice caps.

Deep Sea Under The Pole was a franck muller replica watches report that covered the world below the arctic and ice caps in 2010.

They were paired with scientific programs to understand how the human physiology changes under extreme conditions. The team spent 45 days traveling to the North Pole to determine the area's volume.Rolex Replica Watches In total, 52 dives were made.

Although the team was prepared mentally and physically for extreme cold, the team still had to deal with the shock of experiencing it for 45 days. Bardout stated that "frostbite had been our constant enemy".franck muller replica watches The team did not stop, and there have been two more expeditions. Under the Pole III is still in progress, a 36-month expedition that involves a multi-disciplinary team. This expedition will explore the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and study the polar systems at the North and South Poles as well as changes in marine biology. This expedition is intended to be an educational program and also collect scientific information that will help other scientists in the future.

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